✳ Rutgers Model United Nations (RUMUN conference) 
In November 2021, I served as the leader for all things creative and logistics for a Model UN conference attended by over 1000 students! 
Within staff I led a creative team of 8 peers for creating promotional material, committee posters, opening & closing ceremony video, posters, etc. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Logo / T-Shirt Design
The conference logo was inspired by National Geographic as the theme for RUMUN 2021 was looking back at persisting issues with a historically informed plan.
While it's a bit busy as a logo, this is because the logo primarily serves as the t-shirt design for staffers and delegates and can be more complex. 
Committee Feature Posts
With 12 committees that are directed by two staffers, I created feature posts for each that includes words from the directors on their expectations for debate. 
With lengthy titles, I chose a bold but narrow typeface and created a dynamic template in photoshop for efficiency.
Closing Ceremony Video
After collecting footage over Thursday into Friday, we had one night to complete our conference recap video for closing ceremonies. With a tight deadline of less than 24 hour turnover, I followed a simple direction with each committee receiving an intro, alongside 1-2 clips showcasing debate. There are lots of moments often left un-captured at these conferences, but I put a lot of effort into making it a comprehensive recollection of what happened over the past 3 days!
Photos from Conference
Some extra photos taken by my team from the conference

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