Hi, I'm Shieree Chaudhury! 👋   
Shy/Ree Cho/Thur/EE

A Graphic Designer based in the NY/NJ area. I'm a recent graduate from Rutgers University - New Brunswick with a Bachelors in Computer Science and minor in Digital Communication, Information, and Media. As a self-taught creative, I'm a curious 🔍, resourceful 🗺️, and eager to learn 🙋‍♀️ designer. My education in design started in high school, learning Adobe CC at the public library following youtube tutorials and finding what I'm passionate about, to now interning with companies I admire and learning the industry side of the design process. 
Above all, I value inclusivity, accessibility, and sparking joy with my art and work style. I love challenges when it comes to design, and am always pushing myself to improve with each project I complete. My personal style draws inspiration from my Bangladeshi​ heritage for a love of vibrant colors, maximalism, and small details that bring a piece all together 💖.